Thursday, August 23, 2012

Route Names

The town I live in has a number of nature preserves that a local trails organization does a wonderful job maintaining. Because of this effort it makes it more feasible for me to run trails, since I only have to drive a short distance to do so. I also use an app called Running Ahead to track my runs. The issue with this being that I don't have a GPS and trails are not as well marked the mapping tool that they use as the roads are (no surprise there). As a result most of my course names end up being "blue-red-orange-blue" or similarly cryptic. The other day when I was recording a run I decided that it was time to have fun names for my routes. However in order for the names to make sense I'll document them here so that I have a point of reference.

My main motivation for doing this is so that I have a definitive set of routes that I know are interesting and that I also know the distances and trail conditions for before I head out. Keep in mind that these are not trail names, they are combinations of trails that I've put together to make for interesting routes.

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