Thursday, August 23, 2012

Route: Infinity + 2.1

Location: Whiting Road Nature Preserve
Distance: 2.1 miles
Route Name: Infinity + 2.1
Terrain: All trail. Mostly flat, some rollers getting more difficult at the end.
Difficulty: Easy
Trails Used: Blue, Orange

Description: This is a relatively open 2.1 mile route with a few rollers but nothing major. The arial view of the route roughly forms an infinity symbol.

The route starts by heading north on the blue trail out of the parking lot. This is a false flat down curving to the left (west) that also aides as a good warmup. At 0.3 mi turn sharp left (south) and continue on the blue trail. After 0.25 mi you will encounter a junction with the orange trail. The orange trail will be to your right and straight with the blue trail going off to the left. At this point you want to continue straight to follow the orange trail. You will encounter a few small rollers while skirting a field. After you come into a junction with the red trail continue on the orange trail, fully entering the field for a good distance. For the next 0.7 mi you will mostly be in the field, popping in and out of the woods once or twice and going over a few medium sized rollers, but nothing too big. This portion of the trail loops around from going fully south to west to north and eventually east again. Not long after the trail turns east (right) you will encounter the red trail and will be fully back in the forested part of the preserve. Continue on the orange trail, passing the red trail junction, going up and down some more good sized rollers until you reach the junction with the blue trail. Continue running straight, onto what becomes the blue trail. This portion of the trail flattens out and after a short 0.15 mi you will have completed the route and will be back in the parking lot.

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