Saturday, December 19, 2009


I follow a few blogs, but I am not that good at keeping up with them on a regular basis. Unless I know that there is a time critical reason to keep up with the blog, I only go back to it every few months to see what has changed. One of the blogs that I follow is a photography blog called superlocal. The name of the blog was also the alias of the photographer who took all of the photos on the blog. He also had a flickr photo feed and was briefly posting links on twitter.

I had happened upon this blog randomly when a search that I performed returned the Tornado Potato. I saw the entry, checked out a few more, and was hooked. He made me appreciate pop-culture photography in a new way. He enjoyed good food, interesting street food, and unique views of people eating their food. He had a good sense of humor and a good eye with a lens.

The other day I realized that it had been a few months since I went to look at superlocal's blog and decided to take a look at it. When I visited the site I found out that superlocal, Emil Goh, had passed away. I found myself choked up over this. I tried to reason with myself that I shouldn't be. Here is a guy that I had never met. I never even knew his name until I saw the tribute to him on his own blog. I only had minimal contact with him when he started using twitter. Yet through this mild virtual relationship I felt as though I came to know him at a level that influenced my life.

Goodbye superlocal. I will miss you and your photographs.

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