Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Vacation Goals

We just got back from the Adirondacks for annual our family vacation. I always bring my bike with me. Before I left I made a goal to ride 200 miles. The goal seemed doable for my current fitness level: 10 days, 20 miles a day. I was even more excited because I had hills to ride as well, which is one of the areas that I need improvement.

After 4 days, I was feeling pretty good about my goal. I had ridden two rides of 20 miles and one ride of 40 miles. I missed one day, but I was still on par for my goal. Then day 5 came...nothing. Day 6? nothing, etc.

I was frustrated because I obviously was not going to reach my goal. As the days wore on, I was finding excuses to not ride. Then, one day, I had a few minutes to reflect on the excuses I had been making:

  1. Day long downpour: not much can be done about this.

  2. Rode a 40 mile route that I thought was 30: I had the route information wrong. I was really sore the next day. That's fine with me.

  3. Spent my free time paddling through the Floodwood Loop with some friends: Hey, that's exercise!

  4. Spent my free time paddling down the Raquette River with my in-laws: Also exercise!

  5. Spent a day driving through the high peaks with my family: Isn't this why we go on vacation?

It occurred to me that all of these excuses are either exercise related or family related. So I didn't make my goal, but I'm happy with my vacation and I'm only slightly disappointed that I didn't reach my goal.

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