Sunday, August 16, 2009

L.I. Paddlers

While on our vacation in the Adirondacks, my in-laws decided that it may be nice to spend a day paddling on the Raquette River. I agreed as it is a beautiful river and I would love to spend time paddling and with my family.

The Raquette

We had decided to leave from the Axton Boat Launch and head up river to the falls and back again. Cindy and I were paddling in my in-law's kayak while my in-laws take my children in their flat-backed canoe with a motor on it.

It took Cindy and I about 2.5 to 3 hours to get almost 7 miles up the river to the falls. When we got there we landed our kayak and we were watching the kids play in the water. I looked over and saw some really nice kayaks that had been there since we arrived:

Nice Kayaks

Once we got through with our lunch, the owners of the kayaks came back from looking at the falls. We spoke with them a little bit and then they went on their way back down the river. Once we were done with lunch, we headed back down the river as well. Cindy and I were going much faster on the way back, but still got passed by my in-laws since they had the motor.

When we got back to the boat launch we landed and the people that we had met at the falls were there. They let us know that my in-laws had gone by about 15 min before we got back, cut the motor, and kept going on by the cove where the landing was. We continued to talk to them for another 15 to 20 minutes about their kayaks and about kayaking in general. We had suddenly became more interested in kayaking during this trip. As we talked to them they told us that they were from a group called L.I. Paddlers.

After they headed off, we waited a while longer and decided that maybe my in-laws were not just trolling around to kill time and that I should go looking for them. I headed off on what would be a two hour venture to find them. They had missed the cove and didn't have any points of reference that would let them know that they were lost.

We are very, very thankful for the kind people from L.I. Paddlers. Without their information we would have been clueless about which direction to search.

Next time we are in Long Island we will definitely look them up.

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